HVAC Installation in Rockaway

Looking for HVAC installation in Rockaway, NJ, Speer Air Heating and Air Conditioning is the firm you have to be checking. Having worked in the area for over a decade, our team of NATE-qualified professionals come into the job highly experienced to measure, select and install your HVAC system based on the specifications of your home or office.

Why Choose Speer Air for HVAC Installation?

Local Experience: Established in Rockaway since 1985, among the places we are aware of the climatic zone, codes, and requirements considering which we can foresee the optimal redesign of your HVAC system.

Broad Expertise: Our technicians install the top heating ventilation (HVAC) brands inclusive of furnaces and air conditioners, heat pumps, ductless units and other systems.

Energy Efficient: We are at the forefront of the newest energy efficient HVAC technology to ensure that you stay on the reduced bill.

Custom Solutions: We strongly advise a custom HVAC design to cater for your specific space requirements only after a personalized assessment.

Seamless Process: We will take care of all the paperwork including rebate, permit, and any aspect related to starting till finishing this installation process and make it easier.

Our HVAC Installation Process

From your very first quote to the final inspection, you can rely on Speer Air for a smooth, professional HVAC installation process:From your very first quote to the final inspection, you can rely on Speer Air for a smooth, professional HVAC installation process:

In-Home Estimate: We also serve your home to inspect your problem, take measurements, and provide an installation estimate for a new HVAC system.

System Selection: Cooperatively, we’ll figure out which model and amount of hardware is best suited for keeping your home cozy. There would be different temperatures for every season.

Pre-Installation: Our professionals will arrange the procedures, fill out rebate forms, and set up a convenient appointment for installation.

Installation Day: Our skilled workers, arriving punctually and well equipped, will finish the HVAC installation professionally and in a time-sensitive manner.

Post-Installation: An automatic maintenance program and service warranties, as well as 24/7 technical assistance, will be provided by us for your newly installed HVAC system.

100% Satisfaction: Clients’ satisfaction is often backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

Contact Speer Air Today!

Reque­st Speer Air’s vete­ran staff to install your new HVAC system. Our 35 years of experience serving Rockaway, NJ e­nables optimized ene­rgy efficiency. Precise installation prevents over- or under-sized units, which increase costs. Trust our process completely. Call now to schedule your AC installation in Rockaway, NJ, and stay cool all season long!